Ferro alloys refer to various alloys of iron with a high proportion of one or more other element, manganese or silicon. Ferro Alloys is one of the intermediate products used as additives and de-oxidising / de-sulfurizing agents in steel making. The requirement of Ferro Alloys in steel making depends on the process of steel making and the nature of steel to be made. The growth of the Ferro Alloy industry is directly linked to the growth of the steel industry.
K.G.Co’s commercial departmant supply constitutes of Ferro Silicon Manganese, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, petroleum coke, artificial graphit and rest others. Looking up into the great future of ferro alloys based industries, Kave Gostar has taken a step forward in the domestic and foreign marketing. In the business of ferro alloys, the principal challenge lies in the management of heterogenous raw materials from diverse geographies into a stable, consistent and uniform product quality at all times. The organisation has been associated with the establishment and growth of the Ferro Alloys industry in Iran since 2001. With the successful execution of numerous projects in Iran as well as abroad, Kave Gostar has gained vast experience in planning, design and engineering of Ferro Alloy plants. Kave Gostar is among Iran’s leading importers of Silico manganese alloys which has emerged as a reputed provider of customised silico manganese alloys to large and growing steel companies all over the world.

According to the goals of the company, the following perspectives are considered in the short and long term:

Identify potential customers

Identify current and future needs of customers

Avoiding the loss of customers by increasing value and satisfaction

Increasing service and customer satisfaction

Improved competition management

Integrate sales and marketing activities through various channels used by the company

Ability to identify customer consumption patterns

Kaveh Gostar Trading Co. is ready to provide all types of consumable ferroalloy, refractories and metals used in the steel industry with the best quality and most suitable price considering the optimal payment conditions in the shortest possible time and now with a wide range of Large factories, private and state-owned enterprises are working together.

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