Production of 151.9 thousand tons of aluminum ingots in the first half of this year

The performance of the three major aluminum production units of the country in the first half of this year shows that their aluminum ingots production rose to 151,999 tons, up from one percent last year, compared to the same period last year.

The statistical data of the units of Humphries, Mahdi (Hormozgan province) and Iralko (Markazi province) have been considered. In the first half of the last year, they produced a total of 150,444 tons of aluminum ingots.

According to the survey, Iralco (Arak) had the highest production of aluminum ingots in the period with 72 thousand 776 tons and 47.8 percent of total production, which is about 23 percent growth as compared to the same period last year it shows.

During this period, Humphries and Mahdi also produced 47,832 tons and 31,391 tons of aluminum ingots, respectively.

Also, during the period, the production of alumina powder amounted to 116 thousand and 998 tons, which recorded a 5.3% decline compared with the performance of the first six months of the last year.

In August this year, the total production of aluminum ingots of these units amounted to 23,857 tons, a decrease of 4.8% compared to the same period last year (September 95), which was 25, 65 tons.

The performance of these units shows that in September 95% while Iralco produced 2.5% more than the same month last year compared to the same month last year, al-Mahdi, having produced 5,977 tonnes, fell 24.5% To register.

According to information provided by the General Assembly of the Organization for the Development and Renewal of Mining and Mining Industries of Iran (Imidro), the investment required for the development of the aluminum chain of the country is $ 11 billion, which accounts for 21.5% of the total investment required by the mining and mineral sector Includes.

Last year, the country’s aluminum billet production capacity was 487 thousand tons, which is expected to reach 823 thousand tons in 1399, which needs $ 1.8 billion in investment.

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Mehdi Karbasiyar this year announced: Iran’s aluminum production capacity is now about 400 million tons, of which two thirds of the raw materials required are imported through imports; therefore, reliable sources have to be accessed.

Iran, in its 20-year perspective, has achieved production capacity of 1.5 million tons of aluminum ingots, which is of great importance for its bauxite production.